Eastern Sierra from Sierra View (on road to Bristlecone Pines)

West from Lake Crowley

West from Owens Dry Lake

Mount Whitney

The View from Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney - Labeled Panorama Map

This high quality 2' X 3' Mount Whitney photographic map,  with a matte finish, can be framed and hung on a wall...or folded along appropriate lines into a 6" X 12" package;  perfect for a backpack.   I really wish something like this had been available for my bucket-list climb of Mount Whitney several years ago.  This creation resulted from that climb.  More than 340 surface features are labeled.  Order two...one for the wall and one for the trail.



  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

The Mount Whitney Labeled Panorama is my only printed paper product.  I have several other similar labeled photographic maps (some provided here) from other locations, available only in digital form and all are best available from my Summit Post Gallery (see above).  I also can label your photograph, in detail, if you can describe exactly where it was taken from...contact me at info@panoramapaul.com.

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